Flat Fare

Flat fare is the easiest fare collecting method to be applied. So each line has a fixed fare. The indicated fare is deducted from the card balance according to the passengers’ card type. It can be used together with the transfer fare model.

Transfer Fare

This is a fare tariff model that allows for transfers based on a limited time period among all public transport vehicles. It is a profitable application for passengers and public transport companies both. Surveys have shown that passengers using transfer fare model economize 30% more in their total transportation cost. This type of fare model especially applied in the big cities help to shorten the journey duration, the waiting period at the stops and to increase the efficiency and use of public transport.

Distance Based Fair or

Check-in/ Check-out Fare

This is a fare collecting method specially used in long distance lines. It can easily be applied for in-city public transport buses as well as the metro, trams, LRT and BRT. In order for the distance based fare system to work efficiently and properly on public transport buses, a validator must be installed to each entrance. The validator, with the help of a GPS module, calculates the distance covered by the passenger and deducts only the corresponding amount from the card balance. In case this system is used in the metro, LRT, BRT and trams, distance calculation is done by turnstiles at the stations.

Off Peak Fare

Off Peak Fare application limits the use of free cards in the peak hours. On the other hand, this type of fare model provides the infrastructure for applying different fare tariffs during peak hours.

Short Term Ticket

Short Term Ticket is a ticket type preferred mostly by passengers who are on a short stay in the city or who are infrequent users of the public transport system. These types of cards are for single or limited number of usage. Short term tickets eliminating the need for cash can be bought prepaid from kiosks or from drivers within public transport vehicles and they are valid in all such vehicles.

Concessionary fare

Concessionary fare tariff is an application that provides advantages for privileged groups like students, retirees, the elderly, handicapped, and the veterans etc. under the permission and supervision of the administration. Smartcards are personalized with a photograph and the identity info of the owner for this purpose. The personalized cards have to be endorsed by the authorities once a year in order to keep control and prevent abuse of the given privilege.


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