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One of the important aims of modern technologies that facilitate daily life is to improve and spread in-city transportation.Founded in 1998 for this purpose, kentkart produces, with the sensitivity of a master tailor, internationally standardized intelligent transportation systems, hardware and software that are “special to the city”.

kentFares' mission is to grow by developing modern, fast, punctual, easy, and secure information technologies and systems which meet the needs and expectations of public transport operators and make journeys pleasant.

The Automated Fare Collection, Vehicle Management, Real Time Passenger Information, Planning and On-Board Video Surveillance Systems of kentFare enable public transportation to be accurate, smooth and sustainable and at the same time, help to improve customer service qualities and profitability of public transport operators.

kentFare operates its qualified and specialized systems able to respond to the daily changing and evolving needs of public transport operators 24/7 on behalf of them.  Passengers can perform their in-city transportation on buses, metro, trains, trams, trolleybuses and ferries by taking advantage of intermodal ticketing applications of contactless smartcards.

kentFare Financial Management System maintains accurate income distributions between the main operator and other connected operators as participants of the system. All payments done by contactless smart cards are transferred electronically, without using cash, to the accounts of public transport operators by day-end operations according to their due payments.

kentFare is able to provide transport services anytime and anywhere through its widespread kiosk network and ticket vending machines.

kentFare priority duties include contribution to sustainable transportation.

kentFare has shown its determination on this subject by signing the declaration in the UITP World Congress held in Dubai in 2011 and consequently, by earning the right to be a “Member of Sustainable Public Transport”.

Running a number of international projects simultaneously, kentFare is enlarging its goals with the support of promising young researchers and academics in its body and with its ongoing R&D investments.

KentFare is the official partner of KentKart in South Africa 


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